OFSTED Registered - Rated Outstanding 2018

I am very passionate about cooking healthy and nutritious homemade food. All meals are freshly prepared but if parents wish to provide their own food then this is also fine. Any dietary requirements or allergies your child may have will be taken into consideration and menus will be adjusted accordingly.

Please see below a sample of the types of meals that I will provide.


A selection of cereals
Toast with butter and jam/marmalade
Eggs and toast
Fruit salad


A variety of fresh fruit
Dried fruits like apricots, figs, prunes with cornflakes/oat biscuits
Vegetable sticks and houmous
Breadsticks/crackers with cheese cubes


Chicken and vegetable broth
Spinach or cauliflower parantha/wrap with scrambled eggs and yoghurt
Grilled chicken with boiled vegetables and garlic bread
Vegetarian pasta with grilled vegetables
Fish fingers with potato wedges and peas
Chicken and spinach with rice
Vegetarian biryani with cheese and potato wedges
Chicken nuggets/chicken popcorn with boiled vegetables and garlic bread
Spaghetti with spinach and pesto sauce
Jacket potatoes with tuna and salad with French dressing

Tea or heavy snack:

Chicken Kiev's with peas and naan bread/garlic bread
Ravioli with mixed vegetables
Sandwiches with cucumbers and tomatoes
Cumberland sausages with sweetcorn
Pitta bread with salmon


Fruit Jelly
Custard with cake/ fruits
Cakes made by children
Toffee and banana pudding with cream
Fruit salad

Clean drinking water will be available through out the day. Juices will be available during breakfast time. Meals will be replaced with a healthy packed lunch if we are having a day out.

Call us today at +447484107617. One amazing location to care for children.

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